Illustration Showing JEPHTHAH'S DAUGHTER AND HER COMPANIONS, from The Bible (Old Testament) - drawing by Gustave Dore - 024th.jpg (31K)

And it came to pass, when he saw her, that he rent hisclothes, and said, Alas, my daughter! thou hast brought me verylow, and thou art one of them that trouble me: for I have openedmy mouth unto the Lord, and I cannot go back.

And she said unto him, My father, if thou hast opened thymouth unto the Lord, do to me according to that which hathproceeded out of thy mouth; forasmuch as the Lord hath takenvengeance for thee of thine enemies, even of the children ofAmmon. And she said unto her father, Let this thing be done forme: let me alone two months, that I may go up and down upon themountains, and bewail my virginity, I and my fellows.

And he said, Go. And he sent her away for two months: and shewent with her companions, and bewailed her virginity upon themountains.

And it came to pass at the end of two months, that shereturned unto her father, who did with her according to his vowwhich he had vowed: and she knew no man.

And it was a custom in Israel, that the daughters of Israelwent yearly to lament the daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite fourdays in a year. Judges xi, 35-40.

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